Kamis, 27 Maret 2014

Today, just hearing news about you,
I shed tears once again
I was so curious to hear
only to feel the waves of regrets
From now on,  I dont want to hear about you
I don’t have the guts to face it.

Flowing tears mean you still weren’t forgotten
If I don’t want anyone else, then that means I did not forget you
I wanted to say that many days went by to forget you but…
It couldn’t be done

I happened to walk the street we walked before
Images of us walking together are vivid in my thoughts.
I made up my mind to never come here again
I don’t have the courage to fight the pain I feel inside

I can’t forget you
Because I still love you
The saying, “Anybody’s love will eventually be forgotten over time..”
says who?

Aigoooo...... who's made this song, this lyrics?! why so same with my feel?
aiissshhh make me remember you - LF
"You can't forget - park jin young"